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65, rue Jean Jaurès
Tél : +33 (0)5 61 01 41 41
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machining of large parts

Distinctive features

Groupe CMA large and heavy machining, is also manufacturer of mechano-welded structures, standard and special machinery for various industries.

Large-scale components
Groupe CMA has a heavy milling, turning, welding and handling equipment specifically dedicated to the manufacture of large-scale components, structures and tooling.
Furthermore, Groupe CMA uses Welding Qualifications (WQ) and Welding Procedures Qualification Record (WPQR) that enable the company to weld materials with thickness ranging from 3 to 200 mm !
Last, but not least, Groupe CMA uses a FOREST-LINE MAJORMILL 470 TAG gantry-type milling machine.
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Groupe CMA has all manufacturing and machining means to produce and set up sub-assemblies, complete assemblies or specialized tooling.
Thanks to its wide partner network in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics and automatic devices, Groupe CMA has the capacity to fulfill a wide range of requests for the manufacture of standard and special production or handling machinery, with or without specifications.


  • At Groupe CMA, flexibility is the result of strategic and organizational choices that led to :
  • A dynamic and responsive Methods team ;
  • The internalization of our material throughput thanks to various oxygen cutting machines ;
  • The organization of our work shifts and the rotation of our technical teams with a 3x8 shift system ; note that these teams can be available for work during week-ends for mechano-welding and machining activities should the need arise ;
  • The optimization of our physical flows to ensure timely and cost effective service delivery.

Customer relationship

  • Groupe CMA gets truly involved for the success of its customers’ projects.
  • The recent evolution in the context of global market has prompted Groupe CMA Managers to resolutely :
  • Look for performance levers at every single company and suppliers’ level, to grant optimum QCD ratios Quality/Cost/Delivery.
  • Capitalize on the company’s experience in business processes, to draw new product/process innovation perspectives for its customers.

Fraiseuse à portique de type FOREST-LINE MAJORMILL 470 TAG