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machining of large parts

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Groupe CMA, the machining specialist for all types of large-scale components made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel and nickel base alloy, has set up an optimization plan for its logistics chain to cope with new challenges.

Optimization of the logistics chain
The globalization of trade and competition, the diversification of supply sources, the specialization of production sites, the shortening of delivery times, all of these factors made Groupe CMA consider the optimization of its logistics chain as highly strategic. 
Within this context and in order to reduce physical flows, especially inter-factory flows, Groupe CMA has defined a set of actions that are getting gradually implemented within the framework of a yearly plan under the supervision of the company management. These actions include :

  • The optimal sizing of our production units,
  • The localization of our material stocks,
  • The optimization of our internal and external physical flows,
  • The optimal sizing of our handling and transport means : trucks, handling equipment, goods wagons, sea containers,
  • The management of ourreturn flows.

Customized services
All the actions initiated by Groupe CMA made it possible for the company to meet new needs and cope with new challenges such as :

  • The “last-minute” culture that upsets usual manufacturing planning,
  • The ever-growing customization of service that makes the offer more complex and multiplies price categories,
  • The low-cost competition that erodes margins and intensifies company assets performance requirements.