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65, rue Jean Jaurès
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machining of large parts


Groupe CMA specializes in the machining of large-scale components and production line components and in the manufacture of special tooling, sub-assemblies or complete mechano-welded structures. Groupe CMA is also a manufacturer of standard and special machinery for various industries.

Over the last thirty years, Groupe CMA has positioned itself as the reference partner for large industrial corporations in various sectors :

  • Oil industry,
  • Car industry,
  • Nuclear industry,
  • Pulp and paper industry,
  • Iron and steel industry,
  • Machinery industry,
  • Etc.

Synergy et complementarity
Groupe CMA derives from the grouping and synergy of four areas of technical and industrial expertise that complement each other in the fields of large-scale machining, mechanical welding, turning and engineering.
Groupe CMA set up its headquarters in Lavelanet, South West France, where it gathered the whole of its industrial means.
With a 40-strong team of highly qualified technicians, Groupe CMA has a network of direct and indirect customers in France, Europe, and all over the world.

Strategic choices
The performance of Groupe CMA results from the combination of several strategic choices :

  • A positioning as an engineering company able to deliver global solutions in order to optimize the supply chain of its customers,
  • Sustained investments in unique industrial means,
  • A total quality approach and a flexible organization,
  • Highly skilled technical professionals, capitalizing on experience.

As time goes by, Groupe CMA has managed to stand out as the leading company in the field of machining and manufacture of large-scale mechano-welded components, as well as in the manufacture of complete standard or special machinery.