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Registered office and unit production
65, rue Jean Jaurès
Tél : +33 (0)5 61 01 41 41
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machining of large parts

Shot blasting-Painting

With over thirty years experience, Groupe CMA is the machining specialist for all kind of large-scale components made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel and nickel-base alloys.

Shot blasting - Painting
The organization of Groupe CMA is designed to :

  • produce and manage the production of components, sub-assemblies and/or complete assemblies,
  • enable its customers to optimize their logistics chain.

Besides the quality and competitiveness requirements that are naturally inspiring the strategic choices of the company, Groupe CMA maintains its efforts on means and know-how integration to increase its business reactivity.
With this in mind, Groupe CMA has an in-house sandblasting-painting line that enables the company to deliver complete productions.


  • shot blasting cabinet 10m x 5m x 5m (in-house)
  • liquid painting cabinet (in-house).