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Registered office and unit production
65, rue Jean Jaurès
Tél : +33 (0)5 61 01 41 41
Fax : +33 (0)5 61 01 78 79
machining of large parts

Quality approach

Groupe CMA specializes in the machining and manufacturing of large-scale mechano-welded structures. Groupe CMA is also a manufacturer of functional prototypes, tooling systems, industrial machinery and equipment.

ISO 9001:V2000 Certification
Groupe CMA is ISO 9001:V2008-certified.
This certification comes as the achievement of several years of work and technical experience, especially in two areas :

  • The sound management of intervention procedures that takes into account the diversity of industrial activities and contexts,
  • The continuous involvement of Groupe CMA’s teams at every skill and organization levels in order to meet and develop customer satisfaction.

Business Plan
Leaning on its quality approach, Groupe CMA’s Business Plan takes into account four major components :

  • Market demand : Groupe CMA operates in a highly competitive and technological environment. For Groupe CMA, deploying its business plan means communicating on the stakes and strategies that will be used.
  • Customer partnership : Groupe CMA works and collaborates with its customers for the very definition of their solutions within the Quality Cost Delivery approach. This interdependence is the pillar of win-win solutions. 
  • Human resources : For Groupe CMA, quality does not solely derive from protocols ; it is also the result of strong human relationships that are placed at the heart of our Business Plan. Our company aims to develop within its organization an atmosphere that favours the sustainable involvement of our teams in the company objectives and results.
  • Quality : Taken as a leading requirement, quality is at the forefront of our management system to help save time and avoid wasting at every level of our production, administration and management of material and immaterial flows.