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machining of large parts

Gantry Milling Machine

The new gantry milling machine has the capacity to machine large-scale components made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel and nickel-base alloys, and what’s more with a 3% accuracy on 19000mm !

Large-scale machining
For the machining of large-scale components, Groupe CMA has invested in exceptional means with the purchase of a Forest-Line MAJORMILL 470 TAG 19000 x 4700 x 3250 Gantry Milling Machine.

Groupe CMA’s managers opted for this solution because they wanted to fulfill two objectives :

  • to provide their customers with a global solution in terms of machining & mechanical welding of very large-scale components,
  • from a wider point of view, to meet the machining needs for large-scale components with very high degrees of accuracy on a market featuring weak sub-contract supply.

Specifications of this gantry milling machine
The performance of Groupe CMA’s new gantry milling machine also enables the company to reach 3/100 flatness and straightness accuracy on 19000mm !

Specifications of Forest-Line MAJORMILL 470 TAG Gantry Milling Machine :

  • Longitudinal (X) travel : 19000
  • Passage between columns : 4700
  • Vertical (Y) travel : 5500
  • Spindle nose to table : 3250
  • 5 axis
  • Spindle power : 60 kW
  • Spindle speed 6000 rpm