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Registered office and unit production
65, rue Jean Jaurès
Tél : +33 (0)5 61 01 41 41
Fax : +33 (0)5 61 01 78 79
machining of large parts


Groupe CMA specializes in the machining and manufacture of large-scale mechano-welded structures. Groupe CMA is also a manufacturer of functional prototypes, tooling systems, industrial equipment and machinery.

1930’s : Founding of “Laffont″ company at Villeneuve d’Olmes, South West France
1975 : take the company over “Laffont & Fils″, South West France
1985 : the grand-children take the company over and rename it “Laffont Frères″
1986 : the company relocates in today’s headquarters in Lavelanet, a few kilometers away
1993 : the company is taken over by one of the grand-children, Christian Jorge, who is Groupe CMA’s current CEO.
2001  : Christian Jorge takes “Paul Labrousse″ company over and renames it “Chaudronnerie Mécanique Labrousse″
2006 : the machine shops for mechanical welding relocate rue Molière in Lavelanet
2011 : “Chaudronnerie Mécanique Ariègeoise″ gets ISO 9001:2008 certification
2011 : The company invests in a Gantry Milling Machine Forest-Line® 470 TAG guiding Group CMa in machining medium and large-size components
2012 : the company invests in a 12000mm x 3000mm oxygen cutting table able to cut sheet metal up to 200mm thick
Forecast for 2014 : the shot blasting cabinet will be moved to rue Molière’s workshop ; the company will buy an additional 40T overhead bridge crane to be installed in the machining hall for large-scale components.