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65, rue Jean Jaurès
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machining of large parts

Prototypes and machines

Leaning on its engineering skills and industrial means for the machining and mechanical welding of large-scale components, Groupe CMA has the capacity to design and manufacture functional prototypes as well as large-scale industrial equipment and machinery.

Co-development and manufacture of equipment and machinery
Based on defined needs or according to customer specifications – R&D and Engineering Departments, and/or manufacturers and/or industrialists in various fields of activity - Groupe CMA has the capacity to provide optimal solutions for the manufacture of prototypes and the production, modification, adaptation, compliance of a wide range of large-scale equipment and machinery, such as :

  • Machine-tools,
  • Handling equipment and machinery,
  • Tool rooms,
  • Special machinery,
  • Handling, transfer, conveyor, palletization equipment.

Groupe CMA produces equipment and machinery that integrate different functions

  • Handling, conveying, monitoring functions,
  • Assembly, machining, automation functions.

Various intervention levels
Groupe CMA offers flexible solutions hinging on several intervention levels :

  • Study, design, co-design and technical assistance,
  • Mechanical construction and mechanical welding,
  • Automation manufacture,
  • Fitting, components integration and assembly,
  • On-site assembly,
  • Commissioning and staff training.

Groupe CMA can mobilize internal or external human resources in the field of automation, pneumatics, hydraulics, IT and robotics.